Hi There!

You must be looking for our site in english? Fortunately we put our pride, joy and hard work into teaching our clients and not website development. Therefore we do not have a full site in English – yet…

BUT! We do teach in English and welcome all English speaking clients in our classes. We will do our very best to make you feel welcome and teach you some Danglish while taking you through some wonderful movement. In group classes we teach in Danish, however if everyone is comfortable in english we´ll adjust. If not, you are most welcome to fire away all the questions you may have and we´ll throw in a few English ques in our class for you to tag along. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding our studio or classes. We can´t wait to hear from you! 

Phone : +45 4020 1778

Email : info@canvasaarhus.dk 

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PRivat & semiprivat pilates