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Movement is about listening to what your body needs. If you listen closely, your body will tell you whether you are feeling tired, energetic, happy, sad, calm, or stressed. Moving with your body, rather than against it, fosters a better connection between your body and mind, enhances body awareness, and improves both physical and mental strength and balance. Listen to your body, choose your exercise accordingly, and take control of your well-being.

Read more about the class types and try out a free CANVAS SLOW, GROW, FLOW or &STRETCH class. Find the right class for you – however you may feel today.


Class intensity 1/3

Are you new to Pilates or looking for a class that focuses on the fundamental principles of Pilates?

SLOW classes are tailored to establish the foundation of your Pilates practice. We start with basic exercises, focusing on your core and breathing. You will encounter exercises that stimulate your strength, mobility, and flexibility. Expect classes that emphasize fundamental techniques, precision, and control. The classes are balanced and beginner-friendly, gradually building intensity. A strong foundation is ideal for creating the body awareness needed to achieve a mind-body Pilates practice.

After a class, you will feel uplifted, stronger, and more connected between body and mind.

SLOW Is For You

SLOW classes are for the days you feel like moving to build a strong foundation and body awareness through a slower pace, and attention to detail. Whether you are new to Pilates or exercise in general, or you simply want a calming class to reconnect your body and mind, SLOW is the perfect choice.


Class Intensity 2/3

GROW: meaning to grow, develop, and learn. That’s exactly what you’ll experience in GROW classes. Here, we build on your movement repertoire by increasing intensity and challenge through both classic and creative Pilates exercises.

You can expect a combination of strength, stretching, and mobilizing exercises in a calm yet powerful Pilates flow. A GROW session offers just the right level of intensity to make you feel challenged and deeply connected between body and mind—the perfect class to grow deeper in your Pilates practice.

A GROW class will leave you energized, filled with positivity, and equipped with both physical and mental vitality.

GROW Is For You

GROW classes are for the days you feel balanced and physically and mentally ready to dive deeper and explore your creativity. This class is for those who want to build on their Pilates foundation. You’re not a complete beginner; you have experience with exercise, movement, and/or Pilates, and you’re looking to grow even further in your Pilates practice.


Class Intensity 3/3

FLOW is the class that connects powerful movements in a seamless flow from one exercise to the next.

You will encounter advanced classical and creative Pilates exercises in a yoga-inspired flow, focusing on strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance. We move to the rhythm of our breath to unify body and mind in a class that demands a lot but gives even more. Dive into this dynamic Pilates class and experience enhanced body awareness, control, and freedom in your movements. You will challenge your endurance and strength in a FLOW class. After the class, you will feel a sense of strength, confidence, and balance in both body and mind.

FLOW Is For You

FLOW is a challenging class with increased intensity, perfect for days when you feel energetic and motivated. You should feel comfortable and confident with the SLOW and GROW classes before moving on to the FLOW class. In these sessions, you will encounter fewer pauses and modifications to allow for more flow and creativity, therefore it is not a beginners class. 


Class Intensity 2/3

&STRETCH combines mobilizing Pilates sequences with soothing stretches.

In an &STRETCH class, you will be embraced by a warm atmosphere in a gentle flow of stretches and mobilizing exercises with attention to your breath. This class is perfect for self-care and restoring your physical and emotional energy, helping you to find balance and create space and clarity in both body and mind.

& STRETCH Is For You

&STRETCH is the class for anyone seeking a mindful movement break from daily life to find calmness and restore physical and mental balance.

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