CANVAS Pilates Studio Aarhus is a private training studio located in the heart of Aarhus, opposite the Aarhus Art Museum. Housed in an older ground-floor apartment with wooden floors and ornate ceilings, it provides a setting for physical and mental well-being in an inviting, professional, and serene environment.

The studio’s training revolves around Pilates equipment from Balanced Body, including the Reformer, Reformer Tower, Wunda Chair, and mats. Services offered include private training, duet sessions, Trio circuit classes, corporate training, and Pilates Matwork classes. Whether attending a private session or joining a class, individual attention and personalized adjustments to exercises are prioritized at the studio.

Movement Philosophy

At CANVAS, we believe that the right workout fits seamlessly into your daily life, career, family, and interests. We believe in making training effective, enjoyable, and challenging, ensuring you leave with a smile and a sense of growing stronger, uplifted, and content in body and mind. We look forward to assisting you in discovering the perfect workout tailored to your body, lifestyle, goals, and desires.

Strength, mobility, flexibility, balance, and breathing are the cornerstones of every session at our studio, whether you’re in a Pilates Matwork class or engaged in private training.

Louise Bekhøj


My interest in movement, exercise, and Pilates began after a car accident in 2015. This incident turned my world upside down, altering everything I knew and dreamed of. During a lengthy rehabilitation process, I discovered a fascination with how much one can achieve both physically and mentally through tailored, thoughtful, and focused training.

Through Pilates, I found a form of exercise that isn’t about performing the most, the heaviest, or the fastest. Instead, it emphasizes body awareness, strength, mobility, flexibility, control, and balance, focusing on the individual as a whole. It’s a training method that can be adapted to help and challenge anyone, from elite athletes to beginners.

For me, Pilates is an essential component of a well-balanced life, just like nutrition, sleep, and social connections. These elements are ever-changing, never looking exactly the same, but all interdependent and together forming the foundation of my well-being. My simple goal is to be healthy, strong, and comfortable in both body and mind, and Pilates is one of the tools to achieve this.

With CANVAS, I hope to help others build a strong physical and mental foundation, leading to a life filled with vitality, energy, and balance.

I look forward to welcome You to my Studio! 

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