Corporate Pilates

Enhance your company’s productivity and employee well-being with our Corporate Pilates program. We bring expert Pilates instruction directly to your facilities, offering a convenient and effective way to promote health and wellness within your team.

Pilates is renowned for its ability to improve posture, reduce stress, and enhance overall physical and mental health. By integrating our tailored Pilates sessions into your workplace, your employees will benefit from increased energy levels, better focus, and a stronger sense of community. An experienced instructor will provide personalized attention to ensure each participant gains the maximum benefit from their practice, whether they are beginners or seasoned practitioners.

Invest in your employees’ health and see the positive impact on your company’s performance. Contact CANVAS today to schedule a free consultation and discover how our Corporate Pilates program can transform your workplace.

Teaching is available in Danish and English. 


Reach out by email to and we will get back to you with an offer for your company. 

Companies moving with CANVAS

Træning hos
jeres virksomhed

1.400 kr
pr træning / 1 x ugentligt
  • Ved køb af 12 ugers træning
  • Op til 20 deltagere
  • 50 minutters træning
  • I står for udstyr til træningen

Træning i
CANVAS studiet

1.049 kr
pr træning / 1 x ugentligt
  • Ved køb af 12 ugers træning
  • Op til 6 deltagere
  • 50 minutters træning
  • Alt udstyr haves i studiet

Adgang til
online træningsstudio

1.549 kr
pr måned
  • Ved køb af 3 måneders adgang
  • Ubegrænset antal medarbejdere
  • Ubegrænset adgang til videomateriale
  • Træn når du vil, hvor du vil

*Priser eksklusiv eventuelle transportudgifter

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