Trio Pilates

Trio Pilates is circuit-based training on Pilates equipment. There will be three training stations, one for each piece of equipment. Here, you’ll perform a predetermined set of exercises before moving on to the next station. Everyone performs the same exercises and rotates stations, ensuring equal time at each station.

Expect a full-body workout. Trio Pilates classes cater to all levels; exercises are adjusted based on your starting point, whether you need more resistance or a bit more assistance with the exercises. However, it’s a requirement that you have taken a minimum of 5 private sessions at the studio if you don’t have any prior experience with Pilates equipment.

+   Training on Pilates Equipment

+   3 participants for 1 instructor

+   Set Training Program

+   Everyone does the same rotation of exercises

+   Adjustment of exercises to fit your needs for support or challenge. 

+   Exercises on Pilates Reformer, Wunda Chair and Tower.

+   Working on strength, flexibility & balance.

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