How to choose the right type of training

There are many questions to ask when starting something new. This applies to training as well. Where do you start when you don’t know what is right? What is best? What is appropriate for my level and how do I get the most out of the time I spend on my training?

What is Pilates exactly and how do I know if I should choose studio Pilates with equipment or Matwork classes on the mat? And what is the difference anyway?

I am here to offer some suggestions on what you should consider to find the right training for you, your body, and your daily routine.

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Set your goals

To find the right form of training for you, you first need to be clear about your goals for the training. Ask yourself the question, why do I want to start training? Your answer could be similar to these examples:

  • I want to train to alleviate my pain.

  • I want to train to avoid discomfort and headaches from a sedentary office job.

  • I want to regain a strong body after pregnancy and childbirth.

  • I want to train for health, bones, muscles, brain, and heart.

  • I want to train to connect body and mind and reduce my stress symptoms.

  • I want to improve my flexibility.

  • I want to include strength training to prevent injuries and support my running.

  • I want to start a form of training that I can do independently of a gym, studio, and equipment.


Once you have found your why, your goal, it becomes much easier to find the optimal training for you. Additionally, there is a greater likelihood that you will be persistent and establish a consistent training rhythm when you have a strong reason for your training.

Set your budget

Another thing worth considering is your budget for training. Private training and studio Pilates with equipment are the more expensive options, but they can also give you the best results, as the training is specifically tailored to the goals you have just set. Private training can be a good place to start to get the right foundation for getting the most out of group training. Private training and group training can also be a strong combination for a rewarding training routine. If you are affected by long-term pain, private training is the right choice, as we can work specifically to alleviate and address your pain issues.

If you are simply looking for training for general strength and flexibility, group training is the right choice for you. It is also the right choice if you gain energy and motivation from training with others.

How is your everyday schedule?

We can have many wishes and ideas about what our optimal daily routine looks like, what we need to accomplish, and how much we should train. The truth is, however, that most people take on more than they actually have time and energy for. Therefore, it is important to clarify how much time you really have available and how much time you want to spend on your training. Your answer could look like this:

  • I have a busy and changeable daily routine, so I need flexibility and efficiency in my training.
  • I have children and a family, so I want to be able to train at home.
  • I appreciate having training on set days and times each week so I can schedule it in my calendar.

If you need ultimate flexibility in your training but want studio training, private training is the right choice. With private training, you can freely book in the booking system according to how your week looks, and you are guaranteed an efficient workout tailored to your goals.

If you have small children or travel a lot, an online membership would be a good alternative to coming to the studio. This way, you can train anywhere and anytime.

If you appreciate having your week planned and your training scheduled on set days and times, group training is the the way to go. 

Where is your starting point?

Be honest about your starting point. If you are a complete beginner in a sport or movement form, you need to start from the basics, even if you are in good physical shape.

If you haven’t been physically active for an extended period, your physical condition will reflect that. Remember to start at your current level; this increases the likelihood of succeeding with your training and establishing a sustainable training routine. It will also make it even more rewarding when you can progress to more challenging exercises and classes.

Studio Equipment Pilates, Matwork or online?

Studio equipment Pilates, or Pilates with equipment, is for those who want targeted training such as private or trio sessions. It is also for those who generally find training with equipment more enjoyable and rewarding than training with just body weight on the mat. With equipment, we can better adjust the intensity and target the training to meet your needs, whether you require more assistance or increased challenge.

Pilates Matwork is for those who appreciate group training, where you get the feeling of creating energy together with the rest of the class. Pilates Matwork uses your own body weight and small props, allowing us to adjust the difficulty of the exercises. Pilates Matwork is primarily core training with flexibility exercises.

Online training gives you the freedom to train anytime and anywhere. You will be guided through the exercises as if you were in a Matwork class at the studio, and you will find classes to suit any body focus, your daily condition, and your goals.

Learn more about the different options here:

Still not sure about the right solution for You?

Do you have questions? Would you like to see the studio and learn more about how to get started with Pilates? Book a free consultation, and we will find the right training solution for you.

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